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pacman advanced Pacman Advanced
The classic funny pacman game where you have to eat all the dots. Eat more dots, and watch out for the ghost. This advanced version of pacman is more funny because it has a random maze generator and some added features to polish up this true classic.

heidi one Heidi One
This is a remake of the classic game asteroids. You will be flying a tiny spaceship, showed on a topdown view. The objective is to shoot all asteroids and incomming enemies down. Meanwhile several powerups spawn to help you. Once you destroyed all objects, you will advance a level.

asteroids Asteroids
After playing Heidi One you might be wondering what the original asteroids looked like. Well.. Here it is! The original asteroids as it was released in the early 1980's. asteroids is one of the first launched classic games, and is still a funny game to play.

moon lander Moon Lander
Moon lander is a classic game where you have to control a spaceship and land on the indicated platforms. The game is sideviewing and non-scrolling. After you landed on all required platforms you are allowed to fly to the next level where more complex situations are waiting for you.

frogger Frogger
Frogger is a topdown game where you have to manouvre the frog around cars, gators and other moving objects to safely reach the other side of the screen. Back in the 1980's this was one of the most populair games, and still fun and remember that old gaming experience :)

moon patrol Moon Patrol
Classic shoot em' up Atari game. An impressive yet quite challenging action/shooter game with its unique 3D graphics, funky techno background music, that's still good even by todays standards - Ok, maybe not.. The game is still decent and many diehard Atari fans will be pleased to see this one.

classic ninja turtles Classic Ninja Turtles
The first episode of the Teenage Mutant Turtle game series. This is a topdown classic game where you have to adventure in the town and its sewers. You can pick one of the 4 characters, with all their own special weapon skills. On the way you will face many bad guys to fight.

pong Pong
This is the mother of all games, Pong! One of the first game concepts ever made. The game is very simple has 2 paddles and a ball, the objective is to bounce the ball back and not let it slip through. It all sounds very simple, but is actually very addictive to play.

copter Copter
Copter is a classic game with side view scrolling action. You have to get the little copter as far as possible while its flying throuw a long tunnel full of objects. By clicking the mouse the copter will move up, by not clicking the mouse the copter falls down. See how far you can get the copter in the one-button game!

super pitfall Super Pitfall
Pitfall is a side view platoform classic where you have to find a way through a huge underground maze. The place if ull of monsters and traps you have to avoid. The game was luanched in the 1980's by Aktivision on the Atari, NES and C64.

space taxi Space Taxi
In this classic game you have to pick up passengers and bring them yo their destination pad. There are 2 main threats that you have to look out for. The first is not hitting any object, or the pad at a fast speed. The other is your fuel, if it runs out your gone. A nice remake of the classic space taxi game.
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